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Restarting and checkpoint in jcl

Restarts are specified using the RD and RESTART parameters.

The RD parameter is used to request an automatic restart of a 
job if the job fails. 

The RESTART parameter is used to specify a restart point when 
a job is resubmitted. 

The RD parameter can be used within JOB and EXEC statements to request 
an automatic restart if the job fails.

JOB RD Overrides EXEC RD
RESTART is used when we want to restart a job from a step , when it abended in a step Restarting When the System Failed in a JES2 System JES2 requeues the job for execution if RESTART=Y is in the JES2 /*JOBPARM statement Re-execution is from the beginning of the job. Example JCL: //J3 JOB ,'R. KRISHNA REDDY' /*JOBPARM RESTART=Y . . //** copyright www.mainframegurukul.com Restarting When the System Failed in a JES3 System If the job was executing when the system failed, the FAILURE parameter on the JES3 //*MAIN statement tells JES3 how to handle the job. The job can be restarted, cancelled, held, or printed and then held for restart. Example JCL: //J4 JOB ,'R. KRISHNA',RD=NC //*MAIN FAILURE=RESTART . . COPYRIGHT www.mainframegurukul.com & www.mainframetutorials.com Dont copy this tutorial content. It will stop us, from publishing free tutorials. If you find similar tutorial in the net, please report us at srcsinc@yahoo.com You can give link to this tutorial.

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